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Manie Musicale is an annual bracket-style competition for students and teachers of French.  Similar to March Madness basketball in the United States, participants try to predict which of 16 francophone songs will be the most popular.  Once the tournament starts, voters decide which song will advance to the next round until we have a champion.  The best part?  Students learn French while having fun with students from all over the world. 

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Vous êtes un•e artiste de la musique francophone?  Cliquez ICI.

Un gros merci à Señor Ashby d'avoir été une source d'inspiration!

Note:  Always search first, ask another teacher, or check with your tech folks before contacting the help desk.  The "How it all works" page will have answers to most of your questions.  Please do NOT email the help desk asking for results.  We are busy volunteers usually also teaching a full course load.  Merci!


REGISTRATIOn for manie 2024 is now Closed.

Registration is for teachers only.  Your status as a teacher will be verified before you are added to our mailing list.  Only one teacher per school should register; talk to your colleagues!  

 Deadline:  March 1, 2024.

Click here to see where 2023 participants were from.  We have already exceeded our goal of having over 5000 schools from at least 25 countries.  Merci, tout le monde!

Please note:  if you miss the registration deadline, your students can still vote.  However, your school will not be on our participant map and you will not receive any email updates from us.

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Stephanie Carbonneau, York Middle School, York, Maine, USA

Michelle Fournier, Falmouth Middle School, Falmouth, Maine, USA