Gratitude Wall

Manie 2021: Un grand merci à ...


  • Julenne Moore (also our AATF liaison)

  • Julie Ramsey Richard

  • Danielle Dalbec Edwards

  • Katie Coghlin

  • Bethany Mizenko Smolinsky

  • Will Fritz

  • Caron Morton

Merci aussi à ...

  • Emily Burrus, for designing our logo

  • Teresa Floch, for designing our t-shirts

  • Jean et Marc Girard, for doing our 2021 Mashup

  • Kara Allen, Terri-Ann Gawthroupe, Nathalie Gorey, and Edith Tanguy-Moulin Nelson for their invaluable help creating this year's slide show

  • Nikkie Betty, for making this year's "reveal" videos

  • Señor Ashby, for graciously allowing us to steal his best ideas from Locura de Marzo

  • All of the wonderful teachers who have contributed resources

  • Veteran Manie participants who help field questions on our teacher Facebook page

  • Our students, for getting excited about the songs and inspiring us every day

MANIE 2020 - Merci beaucoup à ...

  • Shelli Fisico, for moderating ALL of the Flipgrids for us!

  • Nathalie Gorey, for song suggestions, French editing, encouragement, and moral support

  • Cindy Matthews, for her invaluable feedback & moral support

  • Terri-Ann Gawthroupe, for making us the incredible 2020 Mashup and creating a Manie artists & songs website

  • Jonna Bourré, for checking our tentative playlist for elementary school appropriateness

  • Elisabeth DeLoach Howell, for compiling all the LyricsTraining links & QR codes

  • Wendy Chan, for starting the Kahoot and contributing all those amazing resource pages

  • Lise Anne, for adding, "Mets du respect dans ton bac" to LyricsTraining

  • Larry Dyhrberg, for being our official basketball consultant

  • Emily Burrus, for creating the "Indila" slide show

  • Kris Climer, for adding "Petit diamant" and "Coton ouaté" to LyricsTraining.

  • Angela Leiding, for doing the refrain compilation.