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This page includes the registration link, useful resources, and side contest information.  Please keep scrolling down!  

Registration means your school will be featured on our participant map; you will also get occasional updates via email.

Need help?  Email our HELP DESK at ausecours@maniemusicale.info.


* Know your audience and always screen all songs before showing. *

Manie Musicale songs are chosen by a screening team of about 30 volunteers.  We review all songs and videos carefully and are reasonably confident that they are “clean” and appropriate for most audiences.  However, please always use your own judgment and discretion when using our playlist and materials created by other teachers.  Be careful when assigning students to do research on the artists or other songs by those artists, especially if you teach younger students.   It is logistically impossible for our team of volunteers to fully vet all past actions, videos, and songs for all Manie Musicale artists.  You know your students, school, and community best.  Please always screen all songs, videos, and materials before using them in class.  

For a more detailed list of our disclaimers for Manie Musicale 2023, click here.


Registration for Manie 2023 is now closed.  Registration for Manie 2024 will open on or around December 1, 2023.

Join our teacher Facebook page for more collaborative opportunities.

Access teacher resources here.  Be sure to look at the Lisez-moi document first!

Fabulous website by Terri-Ann Gawthroupe with info. on the artists!

New for 2023

Find a buddy, be a buddy.  Registration for this is closed for this year.  You will be matched soon if you haven't already!  Also note that there will be a live Q & A session in our teacher Facebook group on February 22nd from 5-6 p.m. EST that might be helpful.

Want to play along?  Submit your prediction to our 2023 Challonge teacher only competition for a chance to win a prize ... and major bragging rights!  You must be registered for Manie 2023 and include your full name and location as the prediction title.  Deadline:  February 28th, 2023.  

To enter the SCHOOLS CHALLENGE (one bracket per school only), please click here.

PRO TIP:  Create an account in Challonge so you can edit your prediction (prior to the tournament launch) and check your standings.

manie memes

No prizes ... just fun!  Click here for student instructions.  Teachers, consult the Facebook group to get the Padlet link.  For a best of slide show (in progress), click here.

Manie 2023 flipgrid

Instructions & descriptions here.  Get your students talking & interacting with Nation Manie.

2023 talent contestS

Get your students singing, dancing, and creating on Flipgrid!  Details here.

Please make sure students put their school name & teacher name on their videos.  

student art contest

Manie Concours dArt 2022.mov

Here is last year's reveal video for inspiration.

Click here for the 2023 instructions & consent form!  (Note:  not all links are live yet.  Thank you for your patience.)

les maniaques de musique

Match analysis, stats, and commentary en français!  In the teacher resource folder and in the Facebook group.

Lyrics training battles

To see the official Manie Musicale Tournoi Lyrics Training site, click HERE.   

Not sure what this is?  Click here to learn more!  Please note that registration for school teams for 2023 is now closed.

Official rules may be found here.

Check out our page, "Engaging Students" for ideas on how to incorporate music and Manie Musicale in your classes! 

(slides 30-36)