Engaging Students

What can I do with the Manie Musicale songs?

Rock your French Class Manie Musicale Presentation
La manie musicale de mars

To talk about songs

Andrea Caulfield

To Talk about music: À mon avis...Zoe Catherine

To talk about music

Zoe Catherine

2 Song analysis



Mariana M.

musique mercredi vocab by Tiffany Ann

Another song Analysis

by Tiffany Ann

f Artiste et titre de la chanson TEMPLATE Carbonneau version

artist et titre

Based on work

by Joelle Goetz

#MercrediMusique DRAFT (1).pdf

Single Song evaluation

by Natalia DeLaat


Get them talking about this year's songs!

See this year's resources. Manie 2021 features a TikTok like competition with prizes! See the teacher page for details.

Bop ou Flop

Bop ou flop?

Alana Considine

Manie Musicale opinion

Teri-Ann Gawthroupe

Manie Musicale reactions updated.pdf

To react to Manie Musicale

Emily Burrus