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What is Manie Musicale?

Answers to get you started!

For an in-depth Q & A via Zoom, click here.

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Explication en français

Nous invitons des participants du monde entier!  Vidéo par Madame Rice.

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Wayside publishing's Podcast: The Language Lounge with Michelle Olah

STEP by step


or use THESE step by step directions by Courtney MacIsaac 

To introduce to your students use THIS slideshow (2023)

manie notes

For a PLAYLIST of  musical notes in small explanations,  go HERE!


using the website

5 Minute video tutorial

Video help

Filling out the brackets

Challonge tutorial (for keeping track of student scores)

Scoring & prizes

Find BULLETIN BOARD MATERIALS in the shared resource folder.

Troubleshooting & questions