Artist recognition

In 2024, Manie Musicale Collaborative launched the first Ambassadeur/Ambassadrice de la musique francophone awards.  These awards are presented to artists who go above and beyond in promoting the French language and culture through their interactions with Nation Manie via social media posts, videos, side contests, Zooms, and more.  These artists model kindness, integrity, good digital citizenship, connection, and hard work.  Please join us in giving them your gratitude and support.  Merci!



For his interactions with Nation Manie in both 2023 and 2024.


For her interactions with Nation Manie in 2024.


Stay tuned - there's one more coming!

Manie Musicale would like to acknowledge artists prior to 2024 who modeled the qualities celebrated by this award.  We'd like to give a warm shout out to the following artists:


21 Juin le duo

Mickaël Pouvin

Amay Laoni